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year of creation: 2017
country: Estonia, Canada, Russia
Developer: 3Commas Technologies
site: 3commas.io


Working on the cryptocurrency market can be very difficult due to the specifics of this asset. The behavior of the tokens’ rate is much harder to predict than, for example, the rate of a fiat currency. Therefore, crypto traders often take advantage of the trading robots or even social trading. Today we will talk about the 3Commas trading terminal, which provides all these functions at once.

About the developer

3Commas is a trading terminal developed by 3Commas Technologies in 2017. According to the official information posted on the service website, the head office of the 3Commas developer company is located in Estonia, and the company itself is registered in Tallinn and has a representative office in Canada. However, in the Web you can also find information that the development of this service is being carried out by a team of Russian developers based in St. Petersburg.

About the developer

Functions and opportunities of 3Commas

3Commas is a service for optimizing trading on a crypto exchange. This terminal has all the functions for comfortable trading, including setting stop loss and take profit. To automate trading 3Commas provides a number of services which that allow you to customize trading bots. The trading bots can perform operations according to their algorithms, programmed by you or somebody else. A copy-trading function is also available, aimed at copying trades of experienced traders or trading bot strategies.

Functions and opportunities of 3Commas

It should be noted that today there are very few social trading services that work specifically with cryptocurrency. The similar services usually provide less functions. Therefore, there are a lot of reasons to prefer 3Commas to another automated trading and copy-trading platforms.

Customers’ reviews on 3Commas

3Commas is a well-known trading terminal, despite its short period of operation on the market. But, to be honest, we can’t say that the Web tends to estimate it in a one particular way. There are both a lot of positive and negative reviews on it. Some users consider 3Commas to be the best trading terminal with wide trading opportunities and user-friendly functionality, which is especially important for newcomers to the cryptocurrency exchange. But the other people have the exact opposite opinion. They note the constant errors of 3Commas trading robots, which lead to the loss of funds on the account. Also a common problem of this service is poor quality of technical support.


3Commas is a crypto exchange trading platform equipped with many features including automated trading and social trading capabilities. Despite the fact that the opinions of traders about this service are different, there are still more positive reviews about 3Commas. This allows us to conclude that this service has high quality.

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