Crypto trading, which seemed exotic in the past, is rapidly becoming as popular as trading another assets, like currencies, assets or commodities. So, more and more services are trying to simplify transactions on cryptocurrency exchanges.


The live of novice traders seem to be like a hell until 2010. At least, we can think so after reading the website of the eToro company. This web page states that the OpenBook, developed by them in 2010, was the world’s first social trading platform.


“Tell me – and I will forget, show me – and I will remember…”. Confucius, this wise man from Ancient China, correctly noted one of the main principles of teaching, which is still relevant today. So, if you know absolutely nothing about trading, then you can, of course, read about it or even take training courses.


Working on the cryptocurrency market can be very difficult due to the specifics of this asset. The behavior of the tokens’ rate is much harder to predict than, for example, the rate of a fiat currency. Therefore, crypto traders often take advantage of the trading robots or even social trading. Today we will talk about the 3Commas trading terminal, which provides all these functions at once.

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