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year of creation: 2017
country:  USA
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“Tell me – and I will forget, show me – and I will remember…”. Confucius, this wise man from Ancient China, correctly noted one of the main principles of teaching, which is still relevant today. So, if you know absolutely nothing about trading, then you can, of course, read about it or even take training courses. But it will be much more effective just to watch the professionals’ trade. And if at the same time it will bring you money, then it is generally ideal! Well, these are the very opportunities provided by social trading to the beginners in the investment industry. Today we’ll talk about – one of the copy-trading services among cryptotraders.

About the developer

The official website doesn’t say us a lot about the development company which created this service. It just states that the CopyMe was founded by two successful traders. At the first time this was the service for their friends which allowed them to copy their transactions, says us the CopyMe’s web page. But after analyzing the terms and conditions of use of the platform, you can find out that the CopyMe service belongs to COPYME INC, registered in 2017 in Wyoming. The CopyMe development team is based in Michigan.

Functions and opportunities of CopyMe

CopyMe is a service for auto-copying the trading strategy of professional crypto traders. In total, it giver investors access to three cryptocurrency exchanges: Binance, Binance US and Bitmex.

Functions and opportunities of CopyMe


You can join more than one trading strategy if you start following more than one signal provider. Before choosing your own signal provider you can look all the profiles of the signal providers registered in the service. The system of filtration helps to select a candidate on some criteria, like the income level and trading methods. 

Profiles of the signal providers registered in the service


On the CopyMe service, unlike a lot of similar ones, you don’t have to pay for usage. The investor pays only monthly or yearly subscription on the trading strategies, the cost of which is established by the signal providers. One more advantage of this system is the fact that you don’t have to download any soft. You just register on the CopyMe website, and then copy the transactions through your internet browser.

Customers’ reviews on CopyMe’s

There are a very few reviews on the CopyMe from its customers in the Web. But the existing ones are mainly positive. The traders notice the convenience of service and high level of client and technical support. Also the users of this platform tell the stories how they increased their deposits several times following experienced traders’ strategies.


 CopyMe is one of the copy-trading services on the cryptocurrencies exchange. Its main advantages are zero commissions to the system and no need in downloading any additional soft. Also some users notice the convenience of use and high quality of service.

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