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year of creation: 2021
country: USA
site: hrtbt.co.uk


If you want to trade on the stock exchange, but don’t know how to do it, you have at least two useful choices: to take educational courses about trading or to use any copy-trading service. People who can’t or don’t want to spend a lot of time on their trading education and want to start trading right now can use the HeartBeat social trading service.

About the developer

The copy-trading platform HeartBeat has appeared on the market only at the beginning of 2021. The developer of this service is SCALE TECH, registered in New York in 2019. We could not find any more information about the HeartBeat developers on the platform website. There is no information about contacts, you can contact the owners of the service only by using the feedback form.

Functions and opportunities of the HeartBeat

HeartBeat is a project that brings together beginners and experienced traders on one platform. The service allows a trader to become a provider of trading signals by giving other investors the ability to copy his or her transactions. Or, conversely, you can join someone else’s strategy. Copying of operations performed by the signal provider occurs automatically, without the participation of the investor. However, it is possible at any time to independently close a position that seems to be unprofitable. Despite the fact that the HeartBeat appeared on the market quite recently, the choice of signal providers who works with the service is quite large. In addition to the fairly high subscription fees for their strategy, experienced traders are also attracted by the presence of gamification.

A distinctive feature of HeartBeat is the system of rewarding successful traders for certain achievements. So, for example, a signal provider receives an asterisk icon, which is displayed in his profile, for 100 subscribers to his or her strategy. If a trader had made only profitable trades during the quarter, he or she will be awarded a crown symbol in his or her profile. And the author of the strategy, with the maximum monthly ROI, will be assigned a cup. In order to choose a signal provider whose trading strategy is the most suitable for you, you can view the profiles of managing traders and even compare their statistics.

Statistics of the managing traders

HeartBeat gives you access not only to the social trading opportunities, but also to analytical materials. On the HeartBeat’s website, you can find weekly reviews of the financial markets from professional analysts, as well as useful articles and news covering important events from the world of economics and finance.

Analytical materials from the HeartBeat


HeartBeat is a copy trading platform that allows beginner investors to track and copy the transactions of professional exchange traders. In addition, HeartBeat provides its clients with financial market analytics and forecasts from experts. However, due to the short period of existence in the market and the lack of reviews about HeartBeat in the Web, it is not possible to make an unambiguous conclusion about the quality of service and analytics.

13 thoughts on “HeartBeat

  1. Ok. Let’s see. Heartbeat comes with a long range of traders with completely different performances. There are some guys who keep the same level of success but usually the commission, ROI, number of copies are individual. You are expected to study all their features and decide. This is not so easy as it seems. Usually I rely on profitability of trades… Though of course it is associated with duration of a period…Well… Listen, still this is a roulette …and I do not mind it.

  2. This is a nice platform for social trading. Any dummy will cope with it as the interface is user friendly and options are easy to understand and use. The trading here is arranged with elements of online gaming. You know those achievements and bonuses for some activities which allow you to gain and just have fun.

  3. Nice platform coming with plenty of smart traders opening profitable deals. I invest with Sarah Brown and some others guys. This very trader prefers stocks and ETFs without using leverage and investing for a long term. Usually these are portfolios. I like her strategies of a low risk.

  4. This is a social trading platform where I cannot communicate with other investors directly but there are options in a social media-style manner which enable me to know their thoughts as to the markets and trends. The skilled users share their opinions and investment chances. Thus I can judge about their efficiency and competency. Then I choose a strategy and copy it using the simplest tools. It’s quite common.

  5. I like this platform because it can be used by anyone without restrictions. The interface is very simple so even a dummy is able to cope with it. I can easily find the signal provide due to a comprehensive design suggesting the rating and showing the success of every trader. Also, I can see how many people have chosen a particular professional

  6. You can count on a very simple registration process. There is a large round button that you can’t help but notice it. Just click and follow the guide. There is no need in any documents or detailed personal information. When you get access to your personal account you can adjust some settings and start copying deals of other registered traders. The cost is affordable and the result is positive though there are on risk guarantees.

  7. This is a quite convenient platform though I’d say they are too simple. You will not find plenty of additional options or tools – just social trading with Facebook and Twitter accounts. They have increased the number of their users recently. I visited the website half a year ago – the platform was less crowded. This is a plus of course, but still it is not as hyped as it could. All I can say is if you are lucky enough to find a skilled trader, then you will gain.

  8. This is a perfect opportunity to learn from watching other traders who show their strategies within this platform. It really helps if you want to trade by yourself one time. I am still following the skilled members of this community but I do not waste my time. This is not only about winning deals but also about losses. It is useful to profit by someone’s mistakes, remember them and try to avoid in the future.

  9. Yes, the skilled traders are cool but they are not self forgetful receiving money from followers paying for their trading ideas. Still, the risk is rather low here and I’ve really boosted my own profits during last month covering my expenses. I’d say Heartbeat is for the beginners. It sticks in the craw to call them a solid trading platform but they are efficient bringing income and that’s what counts.

  10. Heartbeat is one of the youngest and most convenient platforms for social trading IMHO. All that you are required to have is a reliable internet connection. Then, just sign in clicking a large white button and choose the one you want to follow. There is another large green button Copy next to the name of a trader. You do no need to be experienced to perform these actions, don’t you? I like this tool which does not require much to join and open a trading account

  11. They issue brief weekly reviews which are quite useful and speaking. The content is usually about all groups of assets and financial markets, sometimes they cover some global event that matters.

  12. The array of investment tools is huge. You can find almost anything existing. The best traders are honored and there is a rating that helps you to choose a true winner and follow him to earn money.

  13. The platform suits those who just started trading and cannot observe the financial markets confidently and those who just have no time to do it. As to me I gain valuable information here, learning from examples provided by skilled and successful traders. The knowledge is precious and at the same time I get profit – that’s the best that money can buy – and the price is quite modest.

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