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year of creation: 2018


Crypto trading, which seemed exotic in the past, is rapidly becoming as popular as trading another assets, like currencies, assets or commodities. So, more and more services are trying to simplify transactions on cryptocurrency exchanges. Today we will talk one of them – the Kryll, a platform for automation crypto trading.

About the developer

Kryll was created in 2018 by an international development team. On the service website you can get information about the key figures of the team. The founders of Kryll are experienced traders, investors, web developers, financial analysts and marketers with extensive experience in their fields. But we could not find any information about the official registration of the company. The website does not even have contacts for communication. And, of course, it does not contain any documents.

About the developer


Functions and opportunities of Kryll

Kryll is a platform that combines the capabilities of social trading and automated trading on the cryptocurrency market with the help of trading robots. Kryll users have access to the leading crypto exchanges, including Binance, FTX and others. The service is intended for both experienced traders and beginners in the stock market. For those who does not have a lot of experience in trading, there is a function of automated trading using trading bots, with a pre-built trading strategy. You can choose a ready-made strategy, or you can customize it yourself using the strategy editor from Kryll. The effectiveness of the created strategy can be tested before using it. You can do it using a program that tests the performance of the strategy, based on the historical data of the selected site for the last six months. As for the social trading, the Kryll provides more than 300 strategies of experienced traders, whose trading signals can be used in the trading process.

Functions and opportunities of Kryll


Kryll is not only a copy trading platform, but also a professional community where you can communicate with other traders, share experiences and discuss the nuances of cryptocurrency trading.

Customers’ reviews on Kryll

Despite the fact that Kryll is a relatively new project, this service has already found its clients. It was not possible to find negative reviews on the Web, although, there are no too much reviews on it. However, the authors of the available reviews notice about the intuitive interface of Kryll and the large number of functionalities provided by the platform. Users believe that Kryll is one of the most convenient and promising projects in the field of automated crypto trading and auto-copying of transactions.


Kryll is a trading automation service on the cryptocurrency exchange. The ability to develop and test your own automated strategies is combined here with the capabilities of social trading, which allows you to copy the trades of experienced traders. This makes Kryll one of the most convenient crypto trading platforms.

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