year of creation: 1999
country: Russia
Developer: ARQA Technologies
site: arqatech.com


QUIK (“Quickly Updatable Information Kit”) is a program for online trading that was released in 1999. In 2014, Quick became the most popular trading program in Russia, taking over 80% of the market. Today we will figure out what is the reason for the popularity of this platform among Russian traders.

About the developer

The QUIK was developed by a team of programmers from the Siberian Interbank Currency Exchange (SICE). In 2002, to service this program, this team created the company “SICE – Information Technologies”. After 5 years it was renamed into ARQA Technologies. Today it is the leading software company in the field of automation of operations in the financial markets in Russia. The office of the company is located in Novosibirsk, there are also representative offices in Moscow and London.

Main opportunities

Experienced traders like QUIK for its abundance of features. The QUIK’s interface is flexible and customizable. In particular, in the program you can add and configure the panels not only for the assets you need for trading and technical analysis tools, but also for economic news and investment ideas. In addition, QUIK has the function of forming a client’s investment portfolio and the ability to use several investment accounts for trading. In QUIK, all the transactions are protected by an electronic signature, which excludes the possibility of performing transactions in one click, but increases the level of transaction security. QUIK has a web version and a mobile application for Android and iOS. Especially the web version of QUIK has 13 timeframes – from 1 minute to 1 month.

Functions and opportunities of QUIK



Additional features

QUIK also has the opportunity to open a demo account in order not to risk real money and learn how to manage the program. But the access to it is provided only for a month. In addition, the QUIK platform allows you to create your own trading robots on the Qpile programming language. Another convenient function of this platform is the ability to export of data from QUIK to Excel tables for their subsequent analysis.

Cost and commissions

The commissions in the QUIK depend on the broker. The fees for QUIK software products may vary, depending on the selected product and conditions of use.

Cost and commissions QUIK



Online reputation

QUIK is suitable for experienced traders who are ready to spend at least two weeks studying this program just to understand it and trade regularly. The advantages of the program, which are noticed by its users, are its multifunctionality and flexible interface that allows you to customize the program for yourself. In addition, an important advantage of QUIK is the reliability of transactions. Among the shortcomings, users note the slow operation of this program on weak devices, as well as the fact that it is difficult for beginners to understand it due to the complexity of the interface.


QUIK is one of the most popular trading platforms in Russia, with which most brokers prefer to work. However, it is mainly aimed at experienced traders. As a rule, the majority of users state the same thing – it takes from two weeks to several months to understand QUIK. Without having mastered the 85-page user manual, you should not even touch the program. Because it will be very difficult to master it on your own, without referring to the manual.


  • Multifunctionality;
  • The ability to form an investment portfolio;
  • There is a demo account;
  • Ability to create trading robots;
  • Reliability;
  • There is a mobile application and a web version;
  • Popularity among companies and brokers


  • The program is difficult to understand for beginners;
  • The program may slow down on weak devices;
  • Absence of the ability to make up transactions in one click

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