5 TOP 10 Best Forex Trading Platforms

TOP 10 Best Forex Trading Platforms

The variety of web terminals and specialized software makes a novice trader think about choosing a trading platform for permanent use. How to do it? To begin with, it is necessary to highlight the main criteria that must be met by high-quality software for making money in the financial markets. These include:

  1. The terminal should function without technical failures, including with an increase in liquidity. These flaws are mostly seen on web platforms. For supporters of long-term trading, such disadvantages are insignificant, but for scalpers, delays in processing trade orders can lead to loss of profit. To avoid such problems, it is recommended to install trading software on your home computer, but this is not always effective.
  2. A good trading platform should have enough technical and computer analysis tools . When transferring indicators to the chart, developers should provide for the possibility of adjusting the input parameters. It is equally important to use several timeframes of the chart for making a trading decision. By the way, according to A. Elder’s method, this method of filtering false signals is a key element of the strategy. The program should provide for the ability to work simultaneously with several financial instruments, as well as with automated trading systems… A trader should not experience difficulties when placing urgent, safety or pending orders. An additional advantage of the terminal will be the presence of a window for monitoring trading volumes (depth of market) and important macroeconomic events that can provoke a violent market reaction.
  3. Trading should be comfortable for the trader, therefore, a good terminal provides the ability to change the color of indicators , background or the chart itself. In addition, the first impression of the platform is formed on the basis of visual assessment.
  4. No compatibility issues. If necessary, the trader should be able to install the platform on a mobile device. To do this, developers must take care of the correct operation of the program on any operating system.

Popular terminals for trading in the OTC market meet almost all of the above requirements. When choosing a specific platform, a trader should be guided not only by the opinion of more experienced colleagues , but also by his own impressions. Below are descriptions of the best Forex trading platforms at the time of this writing. After reading this information, everyone will be able to make an objective decision on the choice of the terminal. It is important to keep in mind that some of the platforms mentioned are copyrighted by brokers, so trading in them is possible only when you open an account with a specific company.

Ninja Trader

A universal trading platform to which it is possible to connect a trading account of any broker. A distinctive feature of this terminal is the ability to analyze cluster charts, which will allow the trader to get accurate data on market sentiment.

Ninja Trader

The platform is being developed and modernized by the American company NinjaTrader LLC, headquartered in Denver.

NinjaTrader LLC

The screenshot shows a chart in the NinjaTrader terminal with volume indicators plotted on it. It should be said that this platform is standard for many investment companies.

There are 2 versions of the terminal: Pro and Lite. The Pro version provides the user with virtually unlimited trading and analytical opportunities, but its use will cost 50 USD per month. The Lite version is aimed at a wider audience. This terminal can be downloaded from the developer’s website. When trading in demo mode, the subscription fee for using the software is not charged. The trading period on a demo account is not limited. The Ninja Trader terminal can be used exclusively for analytical work. It should be noted that such a set of indicators is not provided in the usual MT4 or MT5.


A trading platform that allows you to make money both by investing in other traders and trading on your own. The terminal has an accessible interface. The official website provides a detailed guide for beginners. There are also instructions for attaching a trading account to the platform.


Zulu-Trade is an independent organization that works with many trusted brokers.


Zulu-Trade is ideal for passive earnings in the financial markets by distributing capital among successful traders. A demo mode is provided that displays the true capabilities of the platform without embellishment. It is also worth noting an effective system for monitoring the earnings statistics of managing traders. For independent trading, I personally found the terminal inconvenient and limited.

Mirror Trader

The name of the platform fully justifies its essence. The functionality is very similar to that previously discussed by Zulu-Trade.

The key task of the platform is to monitor the transactions of successful traders. The possibility of automatic and semi-automatic trading is provided. The investor himself decides which deals to follow.

Important! It is not recommended for beginners to use the capabilities of the Mirror Trader. In the early stages, it is more important to devote time to independent trading, and the transactions of other trading participants are too distracting, and there are no guarantees of success.

MetaTrader 4

The platform was developed by MetaQuotes Software Corp in 2005, but this terminal even today has the right to be called one of the best. The distinctive features of MetaTrader 4 are:

MetaTrader 4

  • High performance;
  • A favorable environment for the implementation of any trading ideas and for the development of your own strategies;
  • The developers provide an editor for MQL4 Expert Advisors (a later version of this editor is provided in the MT5 platform), which allows users to automate the trading process with proper skills;
  • If necessary, the trader can install in the terminal any custom indicators that are not included in the standard set of analytical tools, as well as any trading programs, scripts;
  • Flexible setting of price charts is provided;
  • The platform is adapted for the most popular operating systems (windows, mac OS, Android, iOS, Linux);
  • Perfect security of your trading account.
  • MetaTrader 4 is still used by most brokerage firms to provide services to the online trading industry to a wide audience.


The developers position the platform as a terminal for professional trading, the monthly cost of using which will cost 69 EUR.


For these funds, the trader receives complete information on trading volumes in the futures market. The cost of unlimited use of the program is fixed and amounts to 1790 EUR. A test period of 14 days is provided. Most experienced traders use this terminal exclusively as an analytical tool. Noteworthy volume indicators are really integrated into the ATAS platform.


The terminal is a full-fledged, independent analogue of the previously discussed ATAS platform. The only difference is the cost of use. The developers do not provide a subscription fee. To work with the platform, it is enough to buy its full version for 100 USD.


In terms of its functionality, the terminal is in no way inferior to more expensive analogs, such as ATAS or VolFix. Sb-pro is also used by traders as an analytical tool and deserves the attention of beginners, since the analysis of cluster charts can be called one of the most effective.


This terminal was awarded the title of the best Forex trading platform 2014 at the international exhibition of innovative technologies in the online trading industry Forex-Expo.


Distinctive features of the platform are:

  • The ability to trade stock assets, goods, cryptocurrencies and currency pairs from one account;
  • The trading process is simplified as much as possible, so novice traders will not have any difficulties during operation;
  • Both independent trading and investing in successful managers are possible;
  • Convenient service for controlling risks when investing in PAMM – multiplier.
  • Adapted for the most popular operating systems.

At the moment, trading on the Libertex platform is possible only after registering an account with Forex Club .


A unique trading and analytical platform, access to trading on which is provided by the Forex-Club company .

Main advantages:

  • The ability to develop unique indicators;
  • Access to unique custom indicators and oscillators;
  • Many types of graph display, including “Ranko”, “Kagi”;
  • Monitoring of significant macroeconomic events is integrated.


The trading platform was developed by the specialists of Dukascopy Bank SA and is provided for trading financial instruments by the bank’s clients.


The use of the terminal is available on the broker’s official website after authorization, and the platform can also be installed on a PC. There will be no problems with compatibility, since the developers have adapted the software for the most popular operating systems.

Important! The JForex terminal is practically in no way inferior to the usual MT5, but it has a convincing advantage. Dukascopy Bank SA is a market maker and liquidity provider, therefore clients are provided with the most accurate prices and market spreads for liquid assets for trading.

The disadvantages of the terminal include a limited selection of financial instruments, as well as high requirements for the initial deposit. The minimum amount for opening an account is 1000 USD. Another flaw is the inability to integrate custom indicators into the terminal, since they are all written in MQL5 or MQL4.

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