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year of creation: 2015
country: Russia
Developer: TradingView executive team


TradingView is an innovative trading platform that provides investors and traders with a lot of tools for comprehensive market analysis and comfortable trading. Sometimes it is even called a big social network for the traders and investors. But is it true? So, let’s discuss today.

About the developer

The TradingView trading platform was created by the Russian TradingView executive team with the support of the Techstars accelerator, with funding from iTech Capital, Irish Angels and other investors. The TradingView executive team is headquartered in London, with development offices in New York, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Rostov-on-Don.

Main opportunities

TradingView is a platform that includes all the necessary tools for conducting technical market analysis. It tracks the indicators of more than 90 world exchanges and about 40 crypto-exchanges using more than a hundred built-in indicators and timeframes, ranging from a minute to several months. Convenient integration of a large amount of data into charts allows you to see the dynamics of exchange quotes. The TradingView’s functionality allows you to create 12 types of charts, viewing up to 8 charts in one tab. To carry out fundamental analysis of the market, the service provides its users with information about the events in the field of economics and finance in real time.

Main opportunities TradingView


Despite the fact that the TradingView’s main purpose is to analyze market indicators and their impact on stock quotes, the platform also allows you to trade in the stock and foreign exchange markets.

Additional features

Also the TradingView is the largest social network for traders and investors. There are no similar projects on the market. Here you can communicate, share investment ideas, broadcast the process of trading and analysis, study market reviews and useful materials presented by professional traders. In total, the TradingView platform is visited by about 30 million users from all over the world every month, which makes it one of the most popular specialized websites.

Cost and commissions

The cost of using the TradingView’s services depends on the selected tariff. The tariff scale is represented by three tariffs that provide users with access to a different number of tools. The most expensive plan, which includes the full package of functions, costs almost $ 60 per month. The free trial period is 30 days.

Cost and commissions TradingView


Online reputation

Online reviews of the TradingView are mixed. Users note the user-friendly interface and a wide range of tools for market analysis. However, many investors are often misled by investment ideas posted on the portal. Without sufficient experience, novice investors can easily lose their money. Therefore, the service clearly lacks a system of moderation and selection of effective investment ideas by professionals.


The TradingView positions itself as the largest social network for the experienced and novice investors. The main task of the service is to provide users with tools for conducting a comprehensive market analysis. In general, the TradingView’s capabilities allow you to get an objective picture of the dynamics of market indicators, using a large number of tools for technical, graphical and fundamental analysis.



  • A wide range of the tools for technical and graphical analysis;
  • A large number of investment ideas;
  • Demo account;
  • Access to the leading financial markets;
  • Free trial period;
  • Availability of a mobile version;
  • The largest specialized community


  • Poor client support;
  • Lack of moderation of investment ideas suggested by users

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